Paloma Blanca

San Antonian - Paloma Blanca


This city is full of Tex-Mex establishments. It’s even fuller of places claiming authenticity. There is however one shining jewel in the midst of all the others: Paloma Blanca. This fresh, authentic and diverse eatery popped up in Alamo Heights and has been delighting patrons since it first opened its doors.

Paloma Blanca’s menus are inventive, creative and remarkably authentic to Mexican dishes and Latin flavors.  There’s a cool vibe whenever you walk into Paloma Blanca, its interior is modern and hip… But, there’s a homey feeling to it all… it still feels like sitting in a family member’s home. Of course, that family member would need an absolutely stunning patio to enjoy a drink or two outside.

Once you’re inside Paloma Blanca, take a good look at the menu. It’s authentic. It’s real and it’s absolutely delicious. So let’s break down the menus at Paloma Blanca. We’ll start with brunch because it’s this author’s favorite meal of the day. The brunch menu is served just on the weekends and has plenty of Latin flavors and classic dishes. The migas are a fan favorite, made with tortilla strips, scrambled eggs and Serrano chiles. The chilaquiles distrito federal are also an item not to be missed; this dish is a hearty take on chilaquiles made with rib eye steak and a spicy tomatillo salsa.  For a taste of something more traditional, try the molletes coyacan: French bread similar to the ones used for an authentic torta filled with refried black beans, Monterrey cheese and baked until crispy, cheesy and delicious.

Lunch specials are up next. These specials are served during the week and are perfect for a working lunch or just a reason to get out of the office. The chicken specials are amazing and personal favorites include the poblano cream chicken and the pollo asado. Enchiladas are also a tasty lunch option, and the combination plates are a fantastic value and a great way to try a little bit of everything on the menu. If you’ve saved some room for a sweet treat before heading back to work, try the mango sorbet or tres leches cake… they’re both splendid.

It’s time for dinner and the dinner menu at Paloma Blanca is fantastic. Items that should not be overlooked include the queso fundido: a bubbly pot of molten cheese served with chorizo. The tableside made guacamole olmeca is also a worthwhile spend. This guac is made fresh right in front of your very eyes and seasoned perfectly! The chiles rellenos are wonderful and the veggie chile relleno is divine: loaded with zucchini, corn, poblano peppers and cheese.

One of the most interesting parts of the Paloma Blanca menu is the house tequila section on the cantina menu. They offer three tequilas: blanco or silver, slightly aged resposado or fully aged anejo. Each one is wonderful and make a great base on their varied cocktail menu. They also offer margaritas by the carafe for social gatherings. If you’re a tequila lover, Paloma Blanca’s the right place for you and if you aren’t a tequila expert, the staff is incredibly helpful in explaining the tasting notes and process behind their house tequilas. The rest of the cocktail menu is diverse; there’s something for everyone from margaritas to a hearty Michelada.

As if there weren’t enough things to love about Paloma, there’s one more key things to love: a gluten free and paleo menu. For those of us with dietary restrictions or just making better food choices, any place that offers a separate menu and care to prepare dishes to those with certain sensitivities is great in our book.  Paloma Blanca’s amazing; we’ve never had a bad time at this spacious and fantastic Mexican eatery. It’s fun, delicious, fresh and most importantly: authentic. If you’re ever in Alamo Heights, check out Paloma Blanca. You won’t regret it.