Truckin’ Tomato Keeps Fresh Mobile



Farmers markets are no longer a novelty or a fleeting fancy in the city of San Antonio, they’re an expectation. The problem is for those working office jobs in the city’s downtown, it’s often difficult to break away for the smaller farmers market in Main Plaza on Tuesday mornings, and the massive farmers market at the Pearl Brewery Complex can be difficult to reach when the weekends are the only time you have to relax. Though other farmers markets have popped up in every major neighborhood of San Antonio; the Quarry, Dignowity Hill, Olmos Basin and the like… it can still be a hassle.

Truckin’ Tomato aims to fix that for the busy downtown workers. In a partnership with the city of San Antonio, Truckin’ Tomato visits key downtown hotspots during what is for most, their lunch hour… bringing the feel, quality and delicious produce of the farmers market to the busy streets of downtown San Antonio. The mobile market often sets up shop Tuesdays and Thursdays at either Main Plaza, Travis Park or off of E. Houston Street.

The truck brings all the flavor, hospitality and “passionate food people” of a farmers market, and makes it more than mobile. The produce is fresh and seasonal, there’s also premade goods like artisan crafted jams, local honey, local cheeses, etc., along with fresh herbs and pre-made individual meals and juices if you’re just looking for a healthier downtown lunch option. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about food. The mobile nature of the truck also expands Truckin’ Tomato’s territory to apartment complexes, schools and businesses to cater to those who especially benefit from farm fresh produce, but don’t always have the time or resources to venture out to the more established farmers markets in the city.

Keeping up with the truck is easy, they’re very active on social media and their website is simple to navigate, and easy to find where the truck will be that day and for how long. There’s also a certain approachability to having a smaller scale mobile market that has fewer of the unconventional farmers market finds. Truckin’ Tomato brings wholesome and organic staple produce to the busy office workers of downtown. If you need carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and the like, for a delicious and responsibly sourced meal, then Truckin’ Tomato is right up your alley. If you’re looking for local jams and honeys, and you only have the time on your lunch break to do so, then Truckin’ Tomato is also perfect for you. If you are looking for more interesting produce than your local conventional market has to offer, give Truckin’ Tomato a try.

Truckin’ Tomato also delivers produce boxes full of veggies, fruit and meats along with herbs and other products to zip codes around the city of San Antonio and services the downtown zip codes as well. So, even if you don’t have time to leave the office to pick up the produce you want or need, Truckin’ Tomato will bring it to you. Truckin’ Tomato is a fun, fresh and mobile produce market that brings yummy products to the continually growing population of downtown San Antonio and those that live, work and play downtown couldn’t be any happier about it.

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